Spearhead Sniper 600 SHD

£21,500.00 £18,250.00

Spearhead Sniper 600 SHD

The Sniper 600-SHD flail mower is designed for agricultural and municipal use giving a high quality and consistent cut in material up to 80mm. It is the perfect choice for high-output, intense use farmers and professional operators such as contractors and local authorities.

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Spearhead Sniper 600 SHD

This highly robust machine features heavy duty hammer flails fitted on two electronically balanced rotors mounted on enclosed, selfaligning bearings. Belt drive and heavy-duty driveline gives reliable power transmission in challenging conditions and with four, height adjustable, 15” guidance wheels will ensure a quality cut and well distributed finish; even in the most intense terrain.

The Sniper 600 SHD has a working width of 6.0 metres which folds into a transport width of less than 2.5m.