Quad Bike Hire

Prices start from £150/week (this if for long term hire) 

  • The machine must be fully comprehensively insured by the company hiring the machine, Proof must be provided
  • We require Company letterhead stating use of Machine
  • The company hiring the machine must ensure the operators are licensed to operate the machine and must provide training. (training can be provided by AFM if arranged before hand). Each operator must read the operators manual before use.
  • The company/operator is responsible for daily maintenance and checks before each use as per the operators manual.

Petrol quad bike hire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire uk
We have a selection of new or used petrol quad bikes available to hire, these come with Arctic cat speed rack systems, warn winch to fit Arctic cat accessories such as snow plough.
If you are looking for a quad bike to hire in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire or further afield please call.

Features of  petrol quad bikes for hire

• 2/4wd and diff lock selectable via a switch on the handlebars
• Road legal
• Front winch, allows extras ie. Snow plough to be fitted
• Automatic transmission offers ease of use for the customer
• Electronic power steering is available on some models.
• A range of different sizes and models
• Versatile quad bike to suit equestrian, farm, estate, events hire.

All the quad bikes that we hire come with a full maintenance package and have been checked before they start their hire period. We can offer hire of the quad bikes from a day to day hire arrangement or a long term arrangement up to two year contracts. Hiring a quad bike instead of owning one offers a fixed cost to the customer each week/month and releases capital to be spent in other areas of the business. It also eliminates the problem of the resale of the machine when it has completed the job. The full amount paid for hiring machinery can also be put down against tax, this allows the business to effectively write off the same amount each year opposed to a descending scale (if they were to own the machine).