Teagle Handy Mower 250-300 / 2016




Teagle Handy Mower 250-300 / 2016

Serial Number 749221500F


  • Main mower deck has three rotary cutting rotors, with the 270 & 310 model having four.
  • Rotors each fitted with with two heavy duty blades to ensure a professional finish
  • Hydraulic side-shift and articulated cutting head offers unsurpassed access
  • Suitable for mowing material up to 2cm
  • From 40HP to 90HP /¬†Cat.1/2
  • PTO speed 540 rpm
  • Rear mount std.

Outstanding Build Quality and Performance

  • Angled blades lift material before cutting and mulch to leave a fine finish.

Features for Reliability and Ease of Use

  • Teagle Mowers have a range of features to ensure ease of operation and¬†straightforward maintenance for a long and trouble-free service life.