Spearhead Sniper 190 for sale


The Sniper flail mower is designed for agricultural and municipal use giving a high quality and consistent cut in material up to 40mm. It is the perfect choice for maintenance of farmland and pasture areas.

This robust machine features heavy duty hammer flails fitted on an electronically balanced rotor mounted on enclosed, self-aligning bearings. Belt drive gives reliable power transmission and a 140mm full width adjustable, self-cleaning rear roller with scraper will ensure a quality cut and well distributed finish.

The Sniper range is available in a choice of working widths between 1.9 and 2.7 metres with operating flexibility offered by a 400mm hydraulic side shift that allows work around trees and other obstructions.

Spearhead Sniper 190 for sale

1.90Metre cutting width

Suitable for compact tractor

400mm offset

40mm cut capacity

540/1000 RPM

Heavy duty hammer head flails

4 Belt drive system