Spearhead Multicut 430


The Multicut 430 is a mounted wide area mower capable of high output in varied conditions from parks to open pasture.

The machine features three rotors, each with standard double blade holders and robust 10 millimetre thick spring steel blades for extreme lift and suction behind the tractor. Capable of managing large areas at an economic price point, the Multicut 430 is a favourite in dairy and equine applications.

Incorporating a floating linkage headstock; combined with wing float for excellent ground contour following and standard anti-scalp blade carriers, the finish is superb. Most notably the machine remains narrow in transport mode with wings folding to within 2.1 metres meaning narrow lanes are easily negotiated and no on road towing kit is required.


Spearhead Multicut 430 for sale

Gearbox Oil changed

New Blades

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