Spearhead Destroyer Rotary Mulcher


  • The Destroyer rotary mulcher is designed to cut and pulverize heavy scrub and forestry regrowth up to 150mm. It is the perfect choice for maintenance of areas such as woodland rides and waterway banks.

This highly robust machine features three, 15mm hardened blades designed to work in the most intense conditions. Power transmission is given through a 150hp heavy-duty gearbox with a 4-plate slip clutch on the input PTO shaft. Assistance to clearing scrub material effectively is given through a rear bull bar, flattening material before meeting the blades along with adjustable, extra wide skids.

The Destroyer rotary mulcher is available in a working width of 2.1 metres and is ideal for forward and reverse drive.

Spearhead Destroyer Rotary Mulcher

  • 1.9 metre cut width
  • Chain kits available
  • Nudge bar
  • Replaceable Skids
  • Slip Clutch
  • 1000RPM
  • 12mm thick deck seem welded.