Spearhead 620 Multicut for sale

£33,165.00 £19,995.00

All new Spearhead products come with two years warranty. Spearhead machines are PDI’d before they leave the factory. We stock a huge amount of parts for all Spearhead products so if you need any parts please contact us. We can export machinery if required.


For sale a new Spearhead 620 Multicut.

Price is for 3 blade per rotor with Hydrogas suspension.


Six Blade Version Comes with the below spec

  • Road Lights
  • Bondioli and pavici PTO shafts and Gear boxes
  • 1000RPM PTO shaft
  • Wide angle PTO shaft
  • 6 blades per rotor
  • Hydrogas suspension
  • 5 mm thick deck
  • Seem welded opposed to spot welded
  • 8 rear wheels with walking axles
  • Hydraulic folding
  • 14KG heavy duty blades with an impact of 40 Tonne
  • 98 metres a second blade speed
  • Anti-scalp rotor protection dishes
  • Floating wings
  • Slip clutch protection
  • 6.2 metres working width
  • Heavy Duty 250HP Gearbox

Please note that the one pictured has hydrogas suspension and six blades per rotor, as standard they come without hydrogas and with three baldes per rotor.

Spearhead have led the way in rotary toppers and continue to do so. With great design and build quality.