NC Link a Sweep 2300

Original price was: £5,250.00.Current price is: £4,250.00.

NC trailers have made a name for themselves building high quality industrial and agricultural trailers, they designed the magic door which is unique to their trailer. The Chassis on the trailer is built to be strong and ridged. The floor is 8mm thick and the sides are 5mm thick. The Body can be scraped clean with a 6ft digger bucket. We can Supply and do stock the NC I series grain trailers in a variety of different sizes, NC lowloaders are available as well as NC 300 series, 600 series and euro series dump trailers.

  • Rear mounted machine with quick attachment,
  • 2.38 metres wide,
  • 2.14 metres sweeping width
  • link box as well as sweeper
  • Sweeper Collector
  • Comes with park stands
  • Quick attach on top tractor
  • Galvanized Brush
  • Park stands


  • Options
  • Dribble bar
  • Kerb brush
  • Poly brushes
  • Steel brushes