Arctic Cat 700cc Diesel, Road legal Quad bike

£4,750.00 £4,550.00

This Arctic Cat Diesel has been through our workshop and has been partly reconditioned. Each bike has a new timing belt and idler, a full services with all oils and filters. The Arctic Cats have all the worn parts replaced which can be seen. If you need anymore info on these bikes please call. Delivery is available and testing/viewing is also available


Arctic Cat 700cc Diesel quad bike,Road legal

12,863 Miles

1958 Hours


This bike has been fully serviced and has had the below work done

2 Wheel bearings

1 UJ

3 Ball joints

2 Brake pads

1 Rear light loom

1 Throttle cable

2 Shock bushes

Full set of suspension bushes

Seat cover

Track rods

Below is the spec for this used Arctic Cat Diesel quad bike/ ATV

The bike is fitted with a 700cc twin cylinder diesel engine which gives power to the Arctic Cat automatic gearbox through the CVT belt system. The Arctic Cat diesel like all other Arctic Cat bikes (of this age) benefit from having on the fly 2/4wd and the diesel also comes standard with diff lock. The bike is fully automatic and has options of high low and reverse. Arctic Cat have been making quad bikes with independent suspension since 1998 and the diesel bike comes standard with the independent suspension which allowed the bike to manoeuvre over tricky obstacles but it also gives the diesel bike a much more comfortable ride. The Arctic Cat 700cc Diesel also delivers great fuel economy, up to 40 miles to the gallon have been recorded and with the added bonus of being able to use red diesel this bike will not only save you time going to the petrol station to fill cans up but also save a lot of money.

Because the diesel engine has so much torque the Arctic Cat 700cc diesel is a great towing ATV, with the long and stable chassis and the powerful diesel engine it can out pull most ATV’s and even some UTV’s with a more power engine (due to the little power-loss through the CVT belt and gearbox)

The Diesel ATV comes with a warn winch (3000lb), front and rear racks, the rear rack can be detached quickly and replaced by a TRV box or an extra seat so that you can legally carry two people on the quad bike.

This bike like many if the Arctic Cat diesels is road legal and has also been registered with the DVLA so this means that it can be used on the road, from 2008-2015 the Arctic Cat diesel was a fully PLG (private light goods) vehicle, it went through the same safety checks as a car would. This means that the Arctic Cat 700cc diesel is not a limited use vehicle unlike most of brands of ATV’s/quad bikes  it can be used on the road the same as a tractor.

if you need anymore information about the above Arctic Cat 700cc Diesel or any parts for an arctic cat diesel then please get in touch. We also have many other good used Arctic CAt quad bikes for sale including the Arctic CAt 700cc diesel for sale so if you would like to buy a different Arctic Cat diesel then please call us or view the other Arctic Cat ATV’s we have for sale on our website.

We also offer Arctic cats which have not been workshop prepared