Diesel Quad Bike Hire

Diesel Quad Bike Hire

Requirements for Hiring Machine

  • The machine must be fully comprehensively insured by the company hiring the machine, Proof must be provided
  • We require Company letterhead stating use of Machine
  • The company hiring the machine must ensure the operators are licensed to operate the machine and must provide training. (training can be provided by AFM if arranged before hand). Each operator must read the operators manual before use.
  • The company/operator is responsible for daily maintenance and checks before each use as per the operators manual.

Arctic cat Diesel quad bike hire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire uk
We have a selection of Arctic Cat 700cc Diesels for hire, these offer the customer an economical and reliable workhorse. The Arctic Cat diesel offers incredible torque from the two cylinder diesel engine and unlike some other manufacturers can put all of this torque to the ground with an ever reliable CVT transmission which splits the power between the front and rear diff.
If you are looking for a quad bike to hire in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire or further afield please call.

Features of the Arctic Cat Diesel for hire
• 2/4wd and diff lock selectable via a switch on the handlebars
• Great fuel economy
• Road legal
• Warn winch, allows arctic cat extras ie. Snow plough to be fitted
• Arctic Cat speed rack system allows extras to be fitted quickly and easily
• Arctic Cat TRV system allow Box, seat and rack to be fitted
• Automatic transmission offers ease of use for the customer
• Versatile quad bike to suit equestrian, farm, estate, events hire.

Prices start from £80/week


We do not hire out to private users and rarely do short term hire unless you are an existing/local customer